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You may have noticed that there is a new menu labeled “Preferences” in the PADS Logic File menu. This is the new Altium Designer PADS menu. PADS is now managed by the Altium Designer GUI and has been updated to the same PADS GUI and functionality as the rest of Altium Designer. The most obvious changes are that there is now an Altium Designer logo in the top left of the page. Also, the PADS item is now hidden by default and will only appear when a cell is selected.

If you need more properties for a cell, you can access these within the new “Editor” tab of the cell. This tab replaces the cell’s Info tab. Click on the “Cell” icon to bring up this tab. From here, you can change the properties of the cell in Altium Designer (or you can do this manually within the PADS editor by selecting “Cell Properties” in the Edit menu).

It is no longer necessary to open the Altium Designer PADS library structure (.ln9) in order to apply a PADS library keep-out or translation rule. This is now possible just by placing the PADS library name or code in the PCB.BSR file. This will cause the library to be read the first time the PCB design is opened.

The previously optional Altium Designer version of the PADS library structure has been moved from the “Additional Libraries” category to the “Options” category. This will prevent these libraries from being automatically listed in the Library Manager in the future.

To enable customers to download the current license for Altium Designer, Altium has utilized the license exchange system from our largest partner, Vecternon. Instead of having the customer manually generate and receive the license data, the program relies on the ability of the customer and other partners, such as Altium itself, to exchange the needed data within the Vecternon system. It works like this. The customer enters the required data into the Vecternon system. The data is then downloaded by Altium and placed on a Vecternon server. The Altium server logs the license into the database that the customer accesses through the Vecternon site. Customers can easily generate a license for themselves and their Vecternon partners.

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Documentation: There are some new, and some old, Altium Designer and PADS documentation available. The PADS documentation is not included in the total install package, but is available to download from its own website: .

New PADS Options: In addition to the SMT Thermals dialog containing a much better display of Thermal Interconnect Rules, the new Altium Designer SMT tool also comes with an option to create an unlimited number of SMT Thermals that support a specific force-size pin pitch, and a specific Thermal Temperature range. The following image shows the option window for creating new Altium SMT Thermals:

New PADS Tools: In addition to the many new PADS options discussed above, there are a number of new PADS tools. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of PADS tools, but rather what we consider to be the most important and most useful PADS tools. We will continually update this list, and any tools not listed in this release will be added to the list as soon as they are deemed appropriate to add to the Patch For Altium Designer tool suite.

Altium Designer includes many features that help you create components quickly and efficiently. When you create and place a component on your schematic, Altium Designer also lets you edit these parameters in a more intuitive manner. To ensure that you are working with the lowest impedance trace possible, Altium Designer automatically handles the high impedance traces. While these are great features for getting you through your day, there are other considerations that need to be made in determining the impedance rating of a trace. So let’s take a look at these factors when dealing with trace impedance:

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Through the use of your company’s enterprise PLM system, Altium Designer can be connected to the most complete and accurate BOM information and managed enterprise-wide. Altium Designer is the ultimate solution for customers with existing enterprise connections, and will be the gateway for integrating enterprise technology into your PCB design process.

With Altium Designer, you can connect to your company’s enterprise PLM system and download a complete BOM. You can also download the source files for your PCB layers, and more, directly from your enterprise file server. Embed your BOM in your design through the use of components and automated manufacturing flow.

Altium Designer allows you to easily route the printed boards based on a board assembly that has been created.
The new production window provides a simplified application that has been tuned to help you create high-quality and fast-turn PCBs for the first time. The most important new features in this release are:
• Automatically carry selected routing to the next window.

With the Altium GCS (Auto Cad Graphics Computing System), out of the box, there is an implementation of the often-criticized and controversial triangle for nested polygons. However, for typical rectangular and circular shapes the triangle is often too narrow. Thus, in Altium Designer the free transform option is provided for circular or elliptical objects.

This issue was not detected for the tolerance range. In Altium Designer when a clash occurs, it will be detected. In order to resolve this conflict, it is necessary to delete the User Tolerance Specification layer, and then recreate it with an updated value.

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What’s new in Altium Designer

What's new in Altium Designer

  • We have added the title block, title and border areas to the schematic sheet areas on the PCB project.
  • The high-level blocks and schematic sheet object list are now available and will be the first step in organizing the schematic sheet editor.
  • Logistics has been updated to support PADS P-LogVue 2.1 so all other P-LogVue modules will work with this update.
  • Template Library is now available to use in addition to P-LibX.
  • Schematic sheets created in previous versions will be imported as SchematicSheet objects in Altium Designer.

Altium Designer Features

Altium Designer Features

  • Include my tools: a new set of features added to Altium Designer
  • Specialize in function, automatically: get started, quickly set up, set features, modify and adapt
  • Geometric modeling integrated: import external data, generate, modify
  • Basic flow charts: easy set up, 3D presentation, integrate and visualize
  • Visual PCB Editor: intuitive editor with easy access, 3D view, automatic reconstruction and parameterization
  • Clone: a new technology includes an automatic generation of a prototype board
  • PCB file format standardization: from an open format to Altium’s internal format, import, export, etc.
  • Netlist maintainer: generate a list of nets and components, update indices, set each net, find each net, change origin position, change component indices, etc.
  • Analyze the PCB and get results: fast dynamic analysis with a toolbox, report on different components

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