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The tools in Paint 3D are all pretty straight forward. The new features are mostly in the background. For instance, the new brush action lets you simulate the look of marble, wood, glass, bronze or marble look. Fig 8. You can even choose to paint the bottom of a container like a glass, vase, bowl or even an urn. The new customizable mode lets you choose the look of the brushes you select from the brush options. The colored lines represent the different brushes and the color box lets you choose the settings for each brush. The drop-down menu above the color box lets you change the style of the brush. There is a transparency slider to the right of the color box (Fig 9.). This lets you adjust the alpha of the color.

Windows Paint has come a long way since its original release in 1989, and now offers a lot more than basic image editing and drawing tools. The latest version, Paint 3D Key, adds a three-dimensional paint and draw feature for putting shapes into solid objects. You can turn items into various shaped 3D objects, like spheres, cubes and other shapes. You can even add thin walls to construct a sphere, or create a face.

Paint 3D is a 3D drawing app, Microsoft explains, but it can also do basic image editing and selection tasks to paint on existing images. The new app allows you to turn two-dimensional objects into three-dimensional versions. You can add dimensionality to artwork by choosing a 3D template, creating a shape that you can fill with a color. You can then extrude that shape to add more thickness to your project, or drag it along the Z-axis to make it stick out like a thumb.

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The thin coat of paint should extend slightly above the first coat of paint, creating a buttress between the two coats. This is important because it acts as a physical barrier that prevents solvent from wicking through the top layer of paint. If the two coat has an impenetrable surface, then the solvent can’t take the top coat down. That means you need to make sure the second coat fully extends past the first and isn’t thinly spaced.

If you have really bad marks, spray one more layer of paint on the top. This should cut down on the visibility of any imperfections. But you can never cover them all with paint. If you paint too thick a coat on a model with lots of smaller details, the paint will flow over the lines of texture, causing the paint to be indiscernible.

If you find a part that has a dense mesh of small triangles, add a layer of thin paint before applying the primer. The thin paint will soak into the meshes in 3D printing. If you paint too thick, you can hide those triangles and make it look as if the 3D print has fewer layers.

It is important to keep in mind that if you are creating a portrait, for example, it should be the subject that is the main focus. In doing so, ensure that youre not letting the background come forward. If you intend to do any heavy painting, it would be better to begin with a painted background and work on the model once the paint has dried.

For the best results, first coat the model to create the base coat. Also, keep in mind that materials can vary from printer to printer, and printing speed. Some printers may take as long as several hours to print a model, so youll want to be patient. When it comes time to paint your model, wait at least 15 minutes before you begin. You want the paint to cure completely before you begin painting.

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Paint 3D Features

Getting paint to flow smoothly from edge to edge can be a challenge. You want the paint to be as smooth as a color on paper, but you also want to seamlessly blend colors. So how do you add realism and simplify the process?

I like to think of the Canvas as a Static Viewport. You dont see this on most other paint programs, but in Paint 3D you do, and it does limit what you see in your scene. You can change the size of the viewport, the angle you see it from, and the resolution. Canvas can also be changed mid-project, which is called Dynamic Viewport. With a Dynamic Viewport, you can, for example, go from 800×600 at 72dpi to 1024×768 at 120 dpi during the render.The flip side of Dynamic Viewport is that you get a feature called Peek & Clones. If you want to see what your current viewport looks like, just click a second canvas (which appears as a gray box over top of the canvas) near the position where you want to see your new viewport, and it instantly attaches there and displays your current viewport.

While youre planning out your scene, you have a lot of options to decide what will be rendered from your scene. The default is to Render. At this point, your scene is sent to the processor to be rendered as a sequence of still images. It saves them in your Scenes directory and by default, theyre rendered Sequentially, which means theyre rendered in the order you have them listed. This takes the longest amount of time to render. If you want to get a little quicker in the paint, just Render Frames. This will render your scene in full, but frame-by-frame. It may freeze your computer a little bit, depending on how much work your processor is doing.

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Paint 3D System Requirements

Paint 3D System Requirements

  • CPU > 3.0 GHz
  • RAM > 2 GB
  • OpenGL 3.1 or later

Paint 3D Features

Paint 3D Features

  • Unlimited number of colors and shades to create textures
  • Free brush that lets you create any shape and customize it with any color, perspective and size
  • Draw easily on surfaces
  • Create 3D models by tracing objects from your photos or videos
  • Use design tools to easily create design elements
  • Combine 2D and 3D elements into your projects
  • Access professional features like image retouching, filters, styluses, brushes and keyboard shortcuts
  • Simple to use, friendly UI.

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